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Periodontics & Plastic Surgery

Periodontics & Plastic Surgery
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We impart excellent Periodontics and Plastic surgery facility for people. Our this part of medical services comprise of Flap surgery, scaling, Gum repositioning, and Gingivectomy.

Flap Surgery:

Flap Surgery is done for severe gum disease (periodontitis), if the disease cannot be treated with root planing and scaling or antibiotics. A flap surgery procedure involves cleaning of tooth’s roots and repairing bone damage occurring due to gum disease. A periodontist (gum specialist) or an oral surgeon often performs flap surgery procedure.


Periodontal scaling procedure involves removal of calculus, plaque, and stain from root surfaces and crown of teeth. This process is performed by our doctor very expertly, thus leaving patients with confident and pleasing smile. The scaling process is facilitated to patients at affordable and reasonable fee.

Gum Repositioning:

Gum repositioning is a type of cosmetic dentistry process utilized for reducing or reshaping the gum line. The main purpose for gum reshaping is eliminating gums’ visibility when patient smiles (also referred as gummy smile). Cosmetic dentists define that an esthetical pleasing smile is when the upper lip falls where gum meets two front teeth. Gum contouring aids in achieving this outcome. It can even be utilized for evening out gum line where tissue has receded.


Gingivectomy is periodontal surgical process which comprises of gingival tissue’s removal for achieving more functional contour and/or aesthetic appearance. The process particularly is useful if gingival tissues become enlarged, e.g. because of certain medications. Gingivectomies are often performed utilizing electrosurgery for cauterizing away undesired gum tissue, and, recently done by using the dental lasers.


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